To celebrate three strong years of Xojo web hosting and the continued profitability and growth of ServerWarp we have doubled the RAM on all of our servers!!

We have invested many thousands into our hardware and colocation facilities in order to provide the best value in the market for fully managed virtual servers. We are very proud to have never have raised prices on our customers. We believe in working smarter, not harder, and therefore have made significant investments in backend monitoring and server management capabilities. This has allowed us to grow and scale while providing reliable uptime, consistent bandwith, and excellent support.

Now we have reached the next chapter of ServerWarp's line of fully managed hosting solutions. Starting today all new servers ordered will have double the RAM at absolutely no additional cost.

If you are a customer with a recently deployed server and access to your new server control panel then you will automatically receive double the RAM in the next few days. If you are still waiting to migrate over to our new platform from an older server then you will receive the free memory boost once the migration is complete.

As always please let us know if we can assist you with anything at

Phillip Zedalis
Chief Warp Engineer
ServerWarp, Inc.

Monday, March 6, 2017

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